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Get high quality traffic flowing to your site! Go Fish is a trusted South African company with over 12-years experience in internet marketing. We utilise the full variety of channels and we’ll find a solution that fits your business!

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Website Design & Development

The first step to online success is an attractive and functional website. We have a strong web design and development team and we utilise a number of different programming languages and platforms.

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Why Choose Us

We won't lock you into any contracts – if it's not working out, you leave. Simple as that! In the last 10 years we've lost less than 2% of our clients and most of these are due to reasons other than that of non-performance or lack of service. We have confidence in the fact that you'll find our services superior and highly rewarding!
We have over 12 years of experience in the internet marketing game. With clients based in South Africa, Australia and the UK – covering many spheres of industry: travel & tourism, online eCommerce shops, real estate, antiques, aviation, construction, medical and automobile to name a few.
Google introduced the Google Partners program with very stringent criteria. Only a small number of the Internet marketing companies in South Africa, including Go Fish Client Catchers, have achieved this status. We are happy to share that our Google AdWords management was scored significantly above average. This Google Partner status allows us access to direct support from Google, which, in turn, allows us to deliver even better results to you!
Our team strives to work closely with our clients with the goal of keeping you informed, making sure we're pushing for the right goals and reporting the ongoing success of the campaign. Each client receives a detailed monthly reporting which outlines the growth of the previous month and compares it to the starting point – invaluable for anyone nervous about the effect of any internet strategy campaigns! Our turnaround time is kept to an absolute minimal and our team is contactable easily via phone, email or even face-to-face! We have team members in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban!
We have had huge success in many spheres over the past few years. We've taken existing websites and pushed them to the top within days & we've taken a brand new company and pushed it to an online turn-over of over a million rand in its first month following the launch. Take a look at the graph taken from an actual campaign!
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What Clients Say

  • Most impressed with what you achieved in a very short space of time and eternally in your debt!

    Travel Online

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