Google Buys Quiksee!

September 13, 2010 Comments (0) Thom Henderson
Google has the Power and with these acquisitions such as FourSquare and Youtube. Google has made another recent acquisition of a little known company called Quicksee. This company has been in business for the last 8 years and they have created a way to record a panoramic video using any normal digital camera. This is quite astonishing when we have a look at Google Street view and see that the car is a bit of an alien on the road. These guys managed it with a handy cam. The effect in theory is the same, a beautiful panoramic view of the location all shot in real time so you actually watch people move in and around the environment. This is quite a bit different though because you don’t need a car from Google in order to do this anymore. Just with your handycam. But now since Google has bought the company there will have to be new ways to sort this out.

The streetview has definitely changed our perceptions because now we can see a property, a landmark, a mates house on the internet. The issue of privacy raises its head and there may be many a lawsuit filed for the invasion of privacy should videos begin being made on private property or for the wrong reasons. This however is just a normal drawback of personal information in the public sphere of the internet. The upside is that this new virtual tour technology will be able to take video panoramic of the interiors of buildings. Create a walkthrough of your offices to direct a surfer directly to your office door. Amazing technologies will create these videos making search a lot easier for a whole host of users. Identifying the building has become easy, but now we’re likely to get a full walkthrough interactive tour of the industry leaders, celebrity homes, space missions and who knows what else!

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