How to Optimize PDF for Search Engine Optimization

July 28, 2010 Comments (0) Chris Jacoby
  • Right click on your PDF document
  • Hover with you mouse cursor over “Quick PDF Tools”
  • Click on “Document Properties” and a windows, as below will appear
  • Here you can enter in the Title, Author, Subject and Keywords of you PDF document.

    File Name: If a Title is not present, the file name is used by default. This is why it is imperative that your file names are relevant (suggest using hyphens as keyword separator) and that you have created an optimized document title.

    Title: This is the most important element of your PDF document properties. This is used as the title in the SERPs. If this is not populated the file name will get used by default.

    Author: This can be an individual’s name or a company name.

    Subject: The subject basically serves as the META description for your PDF document. This serves as the second most important element after the Title element.

    Keywords: The keywords text area is here for a reason, make to use it effectively as it’s the third most important element. Keep it pretty brief up to around 8 keywords maximum separated with a comma.

  • Once you have finished modifying your document’s properties click the “OK” button.

You have successfully optimized your first PDF document

The above covers mostly the basics on how to optimize PDF documents for search engines. Once you start to optimize PDFs on a regular basis, you will find how important they can be in the overall equation.

The same strategy can be applied when working with other documents and publishing software, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and others.

That’s it for optimizing PDFs!

Tip: Review the first page of your PDF Document and make sure that it best represents the content of your PDF. For instance, this may be an Index or Table of Contents page which usually isn’t the most optimal page to have as the first page, not from a search perspective anyhow. That is why using the Document Properties to their full extent is imperative when optimizing PDFs for search engines.

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