Web Analytics

Do you want to understand your site’s visitors? How many visitors do you get a month? Where are they coming from? What are they searching? What are they doing on your site? What services or products are they interested in? Where are they from? These are some of the more basic, yet important questions that good website stats can answer!

Go Fish Client Catchers has experience with many web stats systems, yet we currently focus on Google Analytics. It’s free, effective and extremely versatile and powerful. With advanced features such as event tracking, eCommerce, Google AdWords and AdSense integration, inbound link tagging, goals and conversion funnels the level of analysis is invaluable.

Once the stats have been analysed they are used for future planning and evaluation.

All of our internet marketing packages include Google Analytics set-up and a detailed monthly report showing the trends over the last three months and the campaign starting point, take a look or enquire now.

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